Cloud-based communication solutions have great things to offer. With the likes of VoIP, SIP Trunking and Hosted Telephony, your business might be thinking to make the switch to the cloud, because of its efficient capabilities or maybe your business is nearing contract renewal for On-premise telephone solutions. Whatever might be the situation, now more than ever, is the right time worth considering your options and moving your businesses phone system to the cloud.

Thinking of making the move?

1. Only Voice isn’t Enough Anymore

Yes, a simple phone call is enough to initiate and be in touch with customers, partners, and staff. However, a data-driven business environment that requires to have a competitive edge in order to thrive in the business market – demands a mix of tools incorporating audio conferencing, multimedia and productivity applications 

2. Business is Global and Operates 24/7

Customer-centric business culture demands services, communications, and support around the clock. And with the global market of Internet-based customers and users, businesses are under constant pressure to ensure that their own employees are available all the time in order to meet these demands. This means that businesses must have communications tools that cater to employees at all locations and situations. Something that cloud-based systems are specifically designed to do.

3. Working Practices are changing

Nothing is static in life and in today’s fast-changing technological world, businesses have to keep making changes with the new situations and conditions. It might be that the size of your organization is changing, maybe your business is employing more remote-based workers and or the business has opened up a new branch to meet its expansion plans. Whatever might be the case – cloud functionalities offer a common platform for all your business operations. The ability to mix voice communications with data and document handling, collaboration tools, and multimedia are becoming an integral part of how today’s business environment work.

4. Mobile Workforce

From BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) policies to the advent of remote, home-based employees, tablets, smartphones, and mobile computing devices are slowly, but gradually becoming the preferred option for many businesses. With so many emerging and developed economies seeing the increase in the number of their mobile workforce, the cloud-based phone system will remain the glue binding them together. 

5. Traditional Phone System is Out of Date

Even if the on-premise PBX system consisting of cables and switches haven’t fallen prey to wear and tear and corrosion, traditional phone system cannot keep pace with the modern on-demand communications technology. The needs for your business and customers are continuously changing. Customers demand efficiency and productivity level than the traditional phone system hardware cannot provide.

With all the reasons above, needless to say that it is prudent that you start looking at cloud-based options in order to increase your workforce efficiency and productivity. Contact us today for a free quote!