Microsoft is enhancing the security of its Outlook app by incorporating Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) directly into it for many 365 business users.

MFA is a powerful tool to safeguard your online accounts from cyber attacks. It generates a unique passcode every time you log in, which can be sent to an authenticator app on your phone, via SMS text message, phone call, or a USB key. Biometric login options, such as face ID or fingerprint, can also speed up the process.

Microsoft recognizes the importance of saving time for its users, and that’s why it is integrating MFA directly into the Outlook app with a feature called Authenticator Lite. This enhancement will eliminate the need for a separate authenticator app or login codes.

While the feature is currently only available for Microsoft 365 business accounts, we will keep you updated if there are plans to expand it to personal computers. If you haven’t implemented MFA yet, we highly recommend it to protect against the growing number of cyber threats.

For more information on implementing MFA or maximizing the benefits of Microsoft 365, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.