Remote and hybrid working is now normal for a lot of people.

From most of the security audits we’ve done, too many businesses still don’t have the right cyber security measures in place for those away from the office.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, cyber security incidents – like malware, ransomware, and data breaches – have risen sharply. Cyber criminals began by taking advantage of the panic, and have since developed increasingly sophisticated tactics.

It’s costing businesses around the world billions, plus causing excessive downtime.

While we did find a lot of businesses have good web security measures in place, like malware filters, some of the results were more disappointing.

Open firewall ports that shouldn’t be open, shared folders with basic passwords on them, no logs on who did what on a network. While about half of companies have cloud-based cyber security systems in place right now, only a few others even knew about cloud and local options available to them.

Cloud security gives businesses multiple layers of protection across their network and infrastructure that helps to keep data better protected against breaches or attacks.

Not only is it a good defense, but it also identifies threats before they become an issue.

While VPNs can be a pain sometimes, very few knew about them. VPNs can secure your traffic and also secure your employee’s traffic while they work from home or from the road.

Of course, my advice is that you should already have these security solutions in place – especially if you have remote or hybrid workers.

If not, this is something to act on quickly. All you need to do is pick up the phone or send us an email. We can help.