Guess how many hours you and your team are wasting each week

We don’t mean your team taking 20 minutes to make a cup of coffee.

How many hours are your people wasting every week inputting the same information across different apps and software?

Or going back and forth trying to plan meetings at a time that suits everyone?

Maybe they lose time chasing people because they haven’t completed a task and now it’s holding up everyone else on that project?

What about the time you waste messing around with presentations, trying to find images without copyright? Or just moving the text around without throwing out the whole page’s alignment.

These are just a few examples. They not only waste time, but can also be extremely frustrating. When your team must regularly sacrifice their time to low level work, it can be really demotivating for them.

And we all know that unmotivated people are even less productive.

It’s important to use the right software tools for the right job

My name is Marc Gullo and I lead Canopytech Resources Ltd., a local IT support and data security company.

I’ve seen what a huge difference it can make to a business when it brings in the right tools to make people’s jobs easier.

Fortunately, if you’re already using Microsoft 365, there are hundreds of apps at your fingertips to help you overcome almost any of these time wasting or frustrating problems. It’s figuring out the right apps to use that’s the hard part.

And that’s where my team and I come in.

For a limited time, we’re offering local businesses an analysis of how you can save time and improve productivity.

My team of experts will talk to you about your business and the way you operate. They’ll discuss the apps and software that you’re currently using, and the way you’re using them.

They can then suggest apps that that will save time by making your processes simpler.

We’ll do this with no charge. It’s our investment in starting a potential future working relationship with you.

Before we go ahead, we’ll need to have a quick video call (no more than 30 minutes) to discuss your business, and answer your questions.

It’s easy to arrange this. My live calendar is below. Select the appointment date and time that suits you best.

There’s no obligation to go ahead with the check after we talk. And no obligation to buy anything, ever.

Book your 30 minute video call now: