Canopytech Cloud VoIP Hosting

Thanks for your interest in our cloud VoIP hosting services! When we started consulting work for many small businesses, we knew that a big pain point for a lot of customers was their hosted PBX VoIP services. Since the PBX is such an integral part of any business, it HAS to be a bulletproof platform. We’ve supported many platforms but all of them at some point caused us and more importantly our customers headaches and loss revenue.

We decided to change that.

Our hosted cloud PBX packages are designed to be secure, redundant, and maintenance free for our customers. We design and maintain each system to meet the needs of our customers

Small System 10-50 Phones

  • Monthly FreePBX Updates
  • Automated Snapshots
  • Offsite FTP Backups
  • Sys Admin Pro commercial module
  • No contract! Cancel anytime.
  • 5000 Minutes

Medium System 50-100 Phones

  • Monthly FreePBX Updates
  • Automated Snapshots
  • Offsite FTP Backups
  • Sys Admin Pro & Endpoint Manager
  • Best practice secure initial setup
  • No contract! Cancel anytime.
  • 10,000 minutes

VoIP Hosting Plans Include

Monthly PBX Updates

We perform monthly software updates and regular maintenance to ensure that your server is always secure and up to date

Automated Snapshots

Your Hosted PBX is configured with automated monthly snapshots that can be restored as a brand new PBX in the event of a failure. Our hosted PBX services are powered by Vultr hosting services, a world leader with over 25 million servers world wide.

Offsite FTP Backups

We configure the PBX to send monthly backups to our offsite FTP server. These backups can be restored to recover from failure, or to migrate to a different platform.

Let’s Encrypt Certificate

Each Canopytech Hosted PBX includes the setup of Let’s Encrypt for secure HTTPS communication with the server’s GUI.

No Long-Term Contract

There is no long term commitment with our hosted PBX servers. Cancel anytime

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